Higher Choices - wisest, best choices to be consistent with God's will for you and the life God is enabling you to co-create.


A meaningful, abundant life comes from knowing who you are, what your passion is, and taking steps each day to live on purpose.

Living your purpose is about focusing on process — enjoying life everyday by being true to yourself and doing what you love.  Making Higher Choices is the key.

In any situation, in any relationship encounter, out in public, at work … when you have a decision to make, ask yourself “What is my highest choices?”  If you ask with an open heart and mind, truly desiring God’s will for you, you embark on an incredible journey with few regrets.

 What’s Holding You Back?

Let Laura help you discover your God-capacity — your actual and potential ability to be everything God created you to be.  Realizing your God-capacity means you know your designed function, defined by your gifts, talents, and genius, and you allow God to flow through you, benefiting your territory.

“It is my experience and firm belief that we realize abundant life to the degree our daily ‘operations’ are consistent with our unique individual designs, joyously embracing who we are and performing our special work.”


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