The Purpose and Function of Lily

I am not in the habit of rereading books.  They have to be especially memorable or inspirational.  Thus I don’t reread my novels!  Dr. Wayne Dyer’s The Power of Intention is a book I have read three times.  I laughed Friday night watching the new movie, “American Hustler”, as Irving’s wife claim’s that his success is due to the power of her intention!  When you see the movie, you’ll know why that’s very funny.

A few weeks ago I was looking for a new book for morning quiet time.  I felt compelled to pick up Scott Peck’s The Road Less Traveled.  Nearly 15 years have passed since I read that book.  I knew it had been awhile because there were no pen marks underlining what I considered key points to remember (a very definite habit now).  Dr. Peck’s work is a classic, because he presents revolutionary, yet simple truths,  in common language most people can understand.  I have a special interest in psychology and how it links to faith and one’s belief system, so I find this book quite fascinating.

Dr. Peck describes a couples counseling session where one of the participants shared that the “purpose and function” of his wife was to keep  their house clean and him fed.  You see, many of the group participants had marriage problems due to similar attitudes, that being that their spouse was not a separate individual with their own existence, but rather defined their spouse’s existence in reference to themselves.  Dr. Peck writes,

“Somewhat belligerently they asked me to define the purpose and function of my wife.  ‘The purpose and function of Lily,’ I responded, ‘is to grow to be the most of which she is capable, not for my benefit but for her own and to the glory of God.'”

You have a purpose and function too!  The Higher Choices Compass is a guide of self-discovery, that leads you to discover how you can be the most of which you are capable, to experience abundant life and glorify God.

Explore your God-capacity in 2014.  You have many things to offer those you love, the world even, if you will dare to discover, embrace, and act upon your special purpoase and function.


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