PATIENCE – The Spirit enables us to exhibit grace while we wait

Meditation IconSCRIPTURE:  “And let us not get tired of doing what is right, for after a while we will reap a harvest of blessing if we don’t get discouraged and give up.  That’s why whenever we can we should always be kind to everyone, and especially to our Christian brothers.”  –  Galatians 6:9–10 TLB


I’ve been focusing on exercising more patience lately, because I think it is a key behavior trait for succeeding with Higher Choices.  Hurry is the enemy.  I am more angry, frustrated, and (substitute your most troublesome negative emotion) when I rush to be done, or to get there already!

The main cause of impatience is ego.  A lack of patience is an unwillingness to put other’s needs before your own.  Being fixed on yourself smacks in the face of all God calls you to be; it’s not God’s will.  You are not living in, nor appreciating the present moment when you are dissatisfied that things aren’t going your way, critical that others aren’t meeting your expectations, and projecting your priorities onto the world.  What is the remedy?  Trust – that God is always providing, and always on time!  Of course, when you pray for more patience, circumstances seem to come out of nowhere intent on testing your new goal.  A classic opportunity for practicing patience, or not, is driving a car in city traffic.  Never mind the fact that I recently got a speeding ticket, I have a resolution to drive close to the speed limit, and to avoid using the car horn unless I really need to sound a safety warning.  The few minutes I may save when driving fast and maneuvering around other cars is lost on my now poor attitude, diminished outlook and increases stress level.  The benefits of being a patient driver far outweigh any miniscule time savings I may gain by being in a hurry, like safety, reduced stress, and setting a good example for others.  It is the same with all aspects of life.

“Slow down” is not just good advice, it is a fundamental practice of believers, and evidence of God’s Spirit in action.  As the scripture above states, you must not grow tired or allow yourself to become discouraged.  Each day, you must remind yourself that God is faithful and trustworthy, and peacefully greet the world in patience.

“Still achieving, still pursuing, learn to labor and wait.”  — Longfellow,  A Psalm of Life


A.S.K. (the Higher Choices Process)

Ask – questions to discover the direction God would suggest you take.

1. Under what circumstances do you easily lose patience?
2. Where can you begin practicing more patience right now; with whom?
3. What would that look like?
Seek – ideas on choices that will take you further along your higher path.
Knock – truth embraced through practice and persistence; abiding.



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