COURAGE – A critical tool to have in your bag to reach your Destination

SCRIPTURE:  “Be strong, courageous, and firm; fear not nor be in terror before them, for it is the Lord your God Who goes with you; He will not fail you or forsake you.”  –  Deuteronomy 31:6 – Amplified



Courage is a critical character trait and attitude for successful living.  It is key to reaching your full potential.  Think of all the wonderful heights people could reach if they were not afraid!  What could you become if you had courage?

Phil Steiger of Quail Lake Community Church wrote in his blog, “The command, ‘fear not’ is the most repeated command in all of Scripture.  Of everything commanded by God, the prophets, the apostles, angels, and others, ‘fear not’ shows up more often than anything else.  This communicates at least two very important things.  First, the most common human condition is something like fear and anxiety.  And second, it is the emotion or reaction to life that is least warranted for a follower of Christ.”  Both of Steiger’s points are worth pondering.  What makes us so fearful that we have the potential to spend much of our lives in a constant state of anxiety?  Why is the need for courage such a prominent message of God’s word?

Laurie Beth Jones may have identified the problem best, because her mission is to help those who have “lost their Divine Connection.”  We worry and experience fear when we face uncertainty and think we are alone.  God knows this, and assures us that we are not alone.  The Spirit will lead us along the uncertain path.  Courage in ourselves, or courage in another person is finite.  It is only by believing in God, that God goes with you, and that God will never forsake you, that you can face fear and take action regardless.  Be a courageous soul who acknowledges fear, and chooses to trust in the Lord as you bravely reach your new heights.

“You can measure a man by the opposition it takes to discourage him.”  – Robert C. Savage

A.S.K. (the Higher Choices Process)

Ask – questions to discover the direction God would suggest you take.

1. What circumstances or events cause you to fear?
2. What is holding you back from achieving your fondest dreams?
3. What could you do if you truly believed God is always with you, supporting you?
Seek – ideas on choices that will take you further along your higher path.
Knock – truth embraced through practice and persistence; abiding.